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February 14, 2012
Budweiser’s Most Valuable Member Dart Championship
By Sarah Coyne, ADA Member Services



Eddie’s Pub in St. Charles County Missouri hosted the 2011 American Dart League (ADL) Most Valuable Players (MVP) event on Saturday January 28th.  Three events were held throughout the day with 100% payback and additional cash that Eddie’s Pub threw in!  Members from all St. Charles County divisions attended the event and even some members traveling from North and South County St. Louis and Caseyville, Illinois participated! 

The first event was invitation only to MVP’s of the 2011 divisions.  MVP Members played Soft/Steel, Neutralizer/Open depending on which category they qualified for.  All were Singles events, double elimination, 301/501, and best 3 out of 5.  Gary Boyd received 1st place for Soft Open, Bob Fuchs received 1st place for Soft Neutralizer and Karl Remick received 1st place for Steel Open.  Congratulations to all of the MVP participants and winners!!

The second event of the day was Member of the Week (MOTW) Team Doubles.  One team member had to have been a 2011 local MOTW and their partner an ADA member who did not receive MOTW in 2011.  Soft Open and Soft Neutralizer teams played Cricket, best 2 out of 3, double elimination.  Congratulations to Soft Tip Open 1st place team MOTW Brian Obrecht and partner Jon Rimmert and Soft tip Neutralizer 1st place team MOTW Ashley Brockman and partner Shawn Stengel!

The final event of the day was Soft tip Open Blind Draw Doubles.  This event was open to all ADA members and they played Cricket/501/Cricket, double elimination.  Congratulations to 1st place team Mike Norman and Derek Brown!

Many members who attended that day qualified for all three events but only two actually participated in every event.  Way to go Derek Brown and Mark Remick for receiving MVP, MOTW and participating all day!!! 

Budweiser sponsored the event and provided a huge amount of prizes that we raffled off throughout the day.  Members received a raffle ticket anytime they entered an event or purchased a Budweiser product.  Raffle tickets were drawn throughout the day and prizes were selected for the winners but if they were an ADA Pro they got to choose their own prize.  ADA Pro Gary Boyd won the most prizes that day and by the time he left had his car filled up with goodies.

Our ADA Pros; Gary Boyd, Brian Obrecht and Pat Bonner shot an impressive amount of Ton 80’s in the MVP Open Soft tip Singles event!  Congrats to Gary who shot 10 with Brian and Pat shooting 2 each.  Great job!!

ADA member Mike Johnson was the Vortex Pounder game Winner of the day!  The Vortex Pounder game was played when 4 members were waiting for boards, matches or the next event.  They paid $1 to play and had to shoot at the random number that the machine picked.  First player to get 7 marks won.  Mike walked away with a Budweiser t-shirt.  Congrats Mike! 

Most members kept busy with playing darts but our South County St. Louis member Tim Walter and his fiancé Melissa Yaeger discussed their wedding arrangements!  They told us that their plan was to go to Las Vegas in the Fall to tie the knot, but since the 2012 National Championship will be there in July they figured, why not do both?!  Looking forward to seeing both of you in Vegas and being one of the first to congratulate you in person!

A HUGE thanks to Budweiser, Bottlesen Darts and Card Parlour for supplying all the raffle prizes,  to  Tonya our Eddie’s Pub bartender, Zip the owner, and her brother Jake, our late night bartender for all the great service, ADA drink specials and adding money to the pot!  Also, many thanks to ADA Rep Tiffany Paschedag for helping run this tournament with me.   I could not have done it without you!

Event Results (click image for to open full size)

MVP Soft tip Open Singles 
1st Gary Boyd
2nd Brian Obrecht
MVP Soft tip Neutralizer Singles
1st Bob Fuchs
2nd Derek Brown
MVP Steel tip Open Singles
1st Karl Remick
2nd Derek Dressler  
MOTW Soft tip Open Team Doubles
1st Brian Obrecht (MOTW)
Jon Rimmert
2nd Gary Boyd (MOTW)
Tim Walter
MOTW Soft tip Neutralizer Team Doubles
1st Ashley Brockman (MOTW)
Shawn Stengel
2nd Mark Remick (MOTW)
Cody Snow
Blind Draw Doubles Soft tip Open
1st Derek Brown
Mike Norman
2nd Austin Layfield
Cody Snow






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